CleverVisitor utilises our market leading facial recognition algorithm to actively, or passively, identify specific individuals and provide visitor management actions where appropriate.

Our visitor management solution can provide an efficient way to welcome and manage visitors by removing the need for reception staff whilst still providing a personal, professional feel to your site. It’s simple to implement, easy to use, highly accurate and secure.

Our solution can provide alerts when a visitor arrives to both the host and the visitor. It shows the host a live image of the visitor to help with identification and informs the visitor that the host is aware of their arrival and let’s them know what they need to do. CleverVisitor can be linked seamlessly with access control systems to provide managed access where required. CleverVisitor is cloud base, allowing the database to be managed centrally and deployed, in real-time, to multiple sites.

CleverVisitor can be tailored to your specific requirements and is highly useful for a variety of industry sectors including offices, schools, leisure facilities, production facilities and manufacturing.

Working with a software partner, we’re able to offer a time & attendance solution that can be configured to your specific needs whether for a simple or very complex situation. Time & Attendance is cost effective, easy to administer and operate and can register presence, sickness, holiday, overtime or any other data for each employee in an easy and flexible way.

It allows for increased accuracy and security on site, removes the opportunity for fraudulent behaviour and provides a clear real time record of who is on site, supporting fire and health & safety regulations.

Key benefits of Time & Attendance:

  • Registration of attendances and absences
  • A fast, reliable, flexible and easy to use solution
  • Automated outputs to payroll systems
  • Absence requests and overtime approvals
  • The ability to make corrections quickly and easily
  • Full real time management reporting
  • A flexible, easy to set-up system
  • Provides a complete record of who’s on site

For more information and to discuss your specific Visitor Management or Time & Attendance requirements, please contact us
Download our CleverVisitor data sheet here

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