CleverAccess utilises our market leading facial recognition algorithm to actively identify specific individuals and provide access solutions where appropriate. Our highly secure solution allows only those who are authorised, into your building. It takes inputs either directly into the access control system through our enrolment app, CCEnrol, or from an existing client database.

The cloud-based nature of CleverAccess allows the database to be managed centrally and deployed, in real-time, to multiple sites. It is a multi-door, multi-location solution, enrolling people or groups for specific doors or areas only (up to 500,000 subjects). All identifications are recorded by time, date and location.

CleverAccess replaces the need for contact-based technologies such as fingerprint scanners, pin code machines, card or bracelet systems with face recognition readers removing the potential risk of fraud. It provides remote alerts to mobile devices and management information to an intuitive, live, on-line dashboard.

Key technology & benefits

  • Integrates into existing access control solutions and all major Leisure Management Systems
  • Touch-free access control removing physical interaction with shared surfaces
  • Highly secure eradicating the ability for people to share cards, bracelets, pin codes and QR codes
  • Cost effective – no replacement cards, tags or RFID bracelets are needed – your face is your access tool
  • Works with partial facial concealment, wearing of glasses, beards or caps
  • Has an accuracy of 99.99% – extremely low false positive detection

Access Control Applications:



Distribution & Warehousing

School, Colleges & Universities


Data Centres

Leisure Facilities

Construction Sites

Critical Infrastructure


Download our CleverAccess data sheet here
Download our leisure specific CleverAccess data sheet here

Business Intelligence

Visitor Management